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"gift economy" for collectively navigating the complexity of our times in order to support action, build community, foster healing, and unleash generosity

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Now What?! supports personal and collective development for people searching for community and insight in these challenging times...  I am honored to be part of this and grateful that I can participate in a number of ways, all serving different aspects of my own growth as a human being grappling with our massive existential emergency.


Akiko Frid

Freelance Organizer and Activist

People I met through Now What?! gave me encouragement and opportunities to be fully myself.  I found many different approaches to explore possibilities to be more resilient and to participate in a culture of appreciation.  Now What?! is driven by a gift economy---a practice for fair sharing that we can all learn from. 


Discovering Now What?! has gifted me deep connection with people from all walks of life. I’ve felt uplifted by the power that emerges from the safe and open spaces that Now What?! participants create. Together we engage in the co-creation of what feels like a healing field of transformative possibilities.

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  • Come to a "Cafe" (brown sessions on the calendar)

    • 3-4 Cafes each week at different times

    • Get oriented to how Now What?! works

    • Learn about what is going on

    • Choose from a "menu" of conversations and activities, or offer your own invitation and see who wants to join you

  • Come to a Party (lavender sessions on the calendar)
    ​Twice-weekly calls to celebrate, play, and hang out together

  • A wide variety of calls hosted by various members of the Now What?! Collective 

  • Watch this short video about how to use the calendar. 

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Detailed and personal invitations for engagement from members of the Now What?! Collective and partnering organizations and initiatives