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Add yourself to the Network Map below,
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The information you provide will show up within a few days, and you will also receive an email* with a personal link to complete a full profile if desired.  The map includes:

  • Profile info

  • Contact info (if offered)

  • Connections you have or wish to make with participants and Now What?! partners

  • Offers and requests

  • Gifts for the gathering


Great thanks to Jim Best and Greater than the Sum for their support in putting this together.

Click here to open the map in its own window or browse it via the embed below

*Each Now What?! participant who opts in here receives a link within a few days to a survey that is used to populate the map with valuable information about themselves and their intentions for Now What?!  The link is in an email from Now What?! Convening Team <>

If you cannot find this email, please contact us and we will resend it.