Weaving together the skills of permaculture, textiles and community building to live sustainably.

The events of the last few years seem to be telling us that it is time to reduce our carbon footprint, change our consumption habits, and come back into community with others of our species. This would take some skills that we have lost while living in cities and spending much of our time on computers.

Join us on line (Yes, I get the irony) to begin relearning these skills and creating this community.

Sustainable Life Learning Center is an evolving group of classes that includes small garden/farm permaculture knowledge and skills, creating clothing with weaving, knitting, crocheting and spinning), garden-to-kitchen cooking skills, and community building skills through art, music and compassionate communication.

You can start learning these skills online in between this NowWhat?! edition and the next one in the spring of 2022 through field trips to this online learning center. If you have any interest in this venture contact Suzanne Jones at suzannej@ymail.com for more information and some introductory materials.

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